Firewood Aberdeenshire Top quality firewood delivered across Aberdeenshire

We use hardwood logs

If you are using firewood as a fuel source in a stove, most manufacturers recommend using hardwood firewood logs over softwood as the hardwood logs burn hotter and cleaner, therefore reducing tarring of the stove and flue or chimney. Additionally, hardwood logs produce much less smoke and are unlikely to cause sparks.

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Birch Firewood

Why do we use birch hardwood? BTU (short for British Thermal Units) are a measurement of the heat output for a given quantity of firewood. Thus, birch has one of the highest BTU ratings which is why we only use birch hardwood for our top quality firewood logs in Aberdeenshire. Birch burns hotter, producing more heat and produces less smoke.

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Firewood by Volume

Never buy logs by weight because wet logs weigh far more and can be over 50 per cent moisture, so ultimately you will be buying water! Our firewood is dried to below 20 percent moisture and we only sell by volume. We usually sell five cubic metre loads by tipper truck – delivered free. The best quality firewood Aberdeenshire has ever seen.

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Other Firewood Related Products

We also offer many other firewood products related to the main kiln dried firewood that we sell. These include kindling, chimneas, wood fired pizza ovens, bbqs, stoves, stove fans, stove accessories and so on. Simply get in touch with us today and we can help.


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